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מסלול ה- Code Explore מיועד למפתחים שרוצים לבחון וליישם את הטכנולוגיות העדכניות והמובילות כיום.
במסלול תוכלו ללמוד כיצד להשתמש ביעילות ובצורה נכונה במתודלוגיות וטכנולוגיות כגון קונטיינרים, Microservices, לימוד מכונה, בוטים מבוססי AI, בלוקצ'יין ועוד.
במסלול תוכלו גם ללמוד מהמומחים שלנו טכניקות מתקדמת לפיתוח תוכנה ב- Java, Node.JS וכלים נוספים כגון Oracle Database ומאגרים נוספים מסוגים שונים.



Gathering and visit to Oracle Demo Ground and Partners Pavilion


Greeting words and Welcoming
Uzi Navon , Country Manager, Oracle Israel

The Future is Autonomous
Andrew Sutherland, Svp Technology Emea & Apac

AgroScout’s autonomous scouting system uses cutting-edge, deep learning algorithms running artificial intelligence
Ilan Ehrenfeld, CTO, AgroScout

How Oracle helps to preserve the future food availability in the world
Yossi Aud, Co-Founder, Urban Bio-dynamic Beekeeping in Israel
Asaf Lev, Master Principal Consultant at Oracle UK


Coffee Break and Visit To Oracle Demo Ground and Partners Pavilion


Serverless Java – Challenges and triumphs
David Delabassee: Developer Advocate - Severless Team at Oracle
Java is one of the - if not the most popular programming language in the world. And with innovative open source projects such as Graal, new languages such as Kotlin, ... the Java ecosystem just keeps flourishing. Serverless Functions are hot and developer and corporate interest is exploding but let’s face it, Java isn’t the most popular language for writing Serverless functions — at least not yet. Can it ever be? In this hands-on session, we’ll examine the challenges of using Java for functions and the latest features provided by the Java platform that address them. We’ll then dig into the open source Fn Project’s unparalleled Java support which makes it possible to build and scale out Java-based functions.


Introduction to Service Mesh on OKE
Sherwood Zern - Consulting Solution Architect at Oracle Corporation
Kubernetes has become the leader among the container orchestration engines. While Kubernetes takes care of a lot of developer operations, there is still a lot of configuration and management left up to the developer. Come understand why a service mesh is critical to managing your microservices applications. This session will walk you through many of the features of a service mesh, such as service discovery, secure communication, traffic flow diagnostics, and adding resiliency to your applications.


Lunch and Visit To Oracle Demo Ground and Partners Pavilion


Java now and tomorrow
Dalibor Topic Principal Product Manager at Oracle
What’s new in Java today, and what’s coming to Java tomorrow? This session will review some of the recent enhancements made over the last year to the language and the platform, as well as offer a glimpse into some of the features in development that will continue to improve both developer productivity and program performance while retaining Java’s core values of readability, generality, and compatibility.


Hidden Complexities of Data-bound MicroServices Development
Paul Parkinson - Data and Transaction Processing Dev Lead, Oracle Microservices Cloud Platform
The session walks you through key micro services development aspects and their hidden complexities. Each microservice controls a dataset and data model. What are the operational trade-offs for sustaining global, large-scale, multi data modals and mission critical microservices based applications? Microservices need to make database operations and publish events/messages; how to guarantee the atomicity of both? Compensation ensures the consistency of distributed transactions (SAGAs) that span several microservices. What if the database could furnish compensation aware data types? Want to modernize and break your monolithic applications into microservices? The session discusses and presents a technique for ensuring bounded contexts.


Coffee Break


Real world machine learning projects: from detecting fraud to finding cancer
Dr. Elan Sasson - CEO Data Science group


















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