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בליבה של כל מערכת ארגונית עומד מאגר מידע או יותר, זהו גם הרכיב הקריטי והמשמעותי ביותר לביצועי ויכולות המערכת.
במסלול זה נלמד את החידושים בעולם מאגרי המידע האורקליים, נלמד כיצד להשתמש בטכניקות מתקדמות וכיצד בעצם מתנהל מאגר מידע אוטונומי בענן אורקל.



Gathering and visit to Oracle Demo Ground and Partners Pavilion


Greeting words and Welcoming
Uzi Navon , Country Manager, Oracle Israel

The Future is Autonomous
Andrew Sutherland, Svp Technology Emea & Apac

AgroScout’s autonomous scouting system uses cutting-edge, deep learning algorithms running artificial intelligence
Ilan Ehrenfeld, CTO, AgroScout

How Oracle helps to preserve the future food availability in the world
Yossi Aud, Co-Founder, Urban Bio-dynamic Beekeeping in Israel
Asaf Lev, Master Principal Consultant at Oracle UK


Coffee Break and Visit To Oracle Demo Ground and Partners Pavilion


Changing the role of the DBA
Liat Sabag - Principal Sales Consultant | at Oracle
Innovate, rather than administrate. Clearly, working with an autonomous database will require an adjustment, but while some DBAs may be unsure about an incursion into their traditional administrative domain, others see the potential to liberate themselves from routine maintenance tasks so they can focus on new business initiatives.


High Availability and Sharding with Next Generation Oracle Database
Tali Poliak - Principal Technology Sales Consultant | at Oracle
Oracle 12c is great, Oracle 18c is even greater! Join this session to learn how the Oracle vision for Autonomous database will give you higher availability and better security. We will go through Sharding, Online patching and data protection fit to serve a modern business


Lunch and Visit To Oracle Demo Ground and Partners Pavilion


Data Science and Machine Learning: Maximizing Value
Boris Dahav - Principal Technology Sales Consultant | at Oracle
Data science is the critical element in exploiting data, but several problems prevent organizations from maximizing its value. Data scientists often find it hard to work efficiently, with delays to get access to needed data and resources. Enterprise developers find it hard to incorporate machine learning models into their applications, and IT spends too much time supporting complex environments. All of this means that business execs are not seeing the full ROI they expect from their data science investments. See how Oracle Data Science Cloud can address these problems and more, making sure that you reap competitive advantage and get high value from your investments in data and data science.


Oracle Database: What's New/Next
Annie Flint - Senior technology consultant | at Oracle
In this session we will be discussing recent developments from Server Technologies for the Oracle Database and associated products. We will touch on everything from the recent Oracle Database 18c release to the upcoming Oracle Database 19c release. We will also describe some of the upcoming changes and new functionality for the Autonomous Database Cloud service and finally finish up discussing the new installation methods and database tools. We’d be delighted if you could join us for this whirlwind overview of whats new and whats coming for the Oracle Database.


Coffee Break


Shorten Time to Value with Simplified Big Data
Ray Landsberg - Principal Technology Specialist | at Oracle
Data is the raw material for all analytics, from dashboard to machine learning. Organizations have struggled with monetizing this data due to complexity of big data environments and the skills required to operate them. In this session, learn how Oracle Big Data Platform dramatically simplifies this process and enables you to put all of your data to productive use. You no longer have to be an expert in big data to take advantage of it. Topics covered include data ingestion, data lake management, data science and machine learning, as well as integration with other Oracle PaaS services.


















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