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מנהל מסלול: מני מלר
הקצב בו נדרשים ארגונים להסתגל לשינויים בזירה העסקית דורש משאבים ובמקרים רבים כניסה לעולמות טכנולוגיים חדשניים ולא מוכרים.
בואו ללמוד כיצד אנו באורקל מסייעים ללקוחותינו להוביל בתחומם ולשמור על יתרון בקרב לקוחותיהם זאת גם באמצעות השירותים הטכנולוגיים המוצעים בענן שלנו.



Gathering and visit to Oracle Demo Ground and Partners Pavilion


Greeting words and Welcoming
Uzi Navon , Country Manager, Oracle Israel

The Future is Autonomous
Andrew Sutherland, Svp Technology Emea & Apac

AgroScout’s autonomous scouting system uses cutting-edge, deep learning algorithms running artificial intelligence
Ilan Ehrenfeld, CTO, AgroScout

How Oracle helps to preserve the future food availability in the world
Yossi Aud, Co-Founder, Urban Bio-dynamic Beekeeping in Israel
Asaf Lev, Master Principal Consultant at Oracle UK


Coffee Break and Visit To Oracle Demo Ground and Partners Pavilion


Next-Gen Cloud Technologies That Accelerate Business Transformation.
Meni Meller - Head of presales at Oracle.
Oracle is a proven option for leading businesses around the world to power the systems of record that execute financial transactions, interact with customers, build products and run critical business processes. Like every other software vendor today had a strong imperative to increase our own agility and that of our customers by deploying in cloud. To do this, we’d need a platform that was optimized for the demanding and complex workloads we build and our customers deploy and customize, as well as all the adjacent services associated with the Oracle software ecosystem, such as analytics and reporting, as well as partner software that embeds software from us.


Become a Data Scientist faster using OAC
Boris Dahav - Principal Technology Sales Consultant | at Oracle
Data Science is a hot topic in today's market. Unfortunately, the technical experts, data scientists, are rare and usually expensive. Partial solution to this shortage is provided by Civil Data Scientists. These are analysts that can do part of the data scientists work. This capability is based on advanced features of Analytical tools. They enable the analyst to go beyond the regular report building and their analysis and provide user friendly data science capabilities as well. Oracle Analytics Cloud – OAC is such a solution. OAC enables you to get the most from your data with or without the aid of a data scientist. Come to our lecture to see how is it possible.


Lunch and Visit To Oracle Demo Ground and Partners Pavilion


Why should I Trust Your Model?
Reliability & Interpretability of Machine Learning Models

Dr. Elan Sasson - CEO Data Science group
AI algorithms are increasingly being adopted in many industries and domains. These algorithms are rapidly replacing or enhancing human performance and provide tremendous and unprecedented benefits. Nevertheless, AI adoption also entails inherent risks such as bias, and the lack of accountability and transparency. Finally, the reliability of AI systems, while being a regulatory and a fundamental prerequisite for any production-grade usage, is rarely monitored rigorously. Here we will introduce AI R-FAT, a new framework for providing reliability, fairness, accountability, and transparency to AI systems.


Lessons learnt - Multi Cloud vs. Vendor lock-in
Dan Kotlicki - Co-founder & CEO of Toonimo
Architecting a cloud native solution involves the dilema of going the easy way with managed services or the harder way and building your oen generic infrastructure.
As a startup who migrated from AWS to Oracle we have learnt some valuable lessons I will share with you on this session


Coffee Break


Addressing IoT challenges of smart public transportation
Ronen Angel CTO | Smart Public Transportation
Public transportation got much smarter when buses got connected, so did the challenges I will present and how we solved those on Oracle Cloud


















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