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מנהל מסלול: מני מלר
הקצב בו נדרשים ארגונים להסתגל לשינויים בזירה העסקית דורש משאבים ובמקרים רבים כניסה לעולמות טכנולוגיים חדשניים ולא מוכרים.
בואו ללמוד כיצד אנו באורקל מסייעים ללקוחותינו להוביל בתחומם ולשמור על יתרון בקרב לקוחותיהם זאת גם באמצעות השירותים הטכנולוגיים המוצעים בענן שלנו.



Gathering and visit to Oracle Demo Ground and Partners Pavilion


Uzi Navon , Country Manager, Oracle Israel
The Future is Autonomous

Customer/partner presentation


Lunch and Visit To Oracle Demo Ground and Partners Pavilion


Next-Gen Cloud Technologies That Accelerate Business Transformation.
Oracle is a proven option for leading businesses around the world to power the systems of record that execute financial transactions, interact with customers, build products and run critical business processes. Like every other software vendor today had a strong imperative to increase our own agility and that of our customers by deploying in cloud. To do this, we’d need a platform that was optimized for the demanding and complex workloads we build and our customers deploy and customize, as well as all the adjacent services associated with the Oracle software ecosystem, such as analytics and reporting, as well as partner software that embeds software from us.


Think Autonomous Database: Machine Learning Meets Mission-Critical
Organizations are under tremendous pressure to lower cost, reduce risk, and accelerate innovation. In this session learn how Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is helping customers achieve these objectives by leveraging the most valuable currency of the company: data. With its self-driving, self-repairing, and self-securing capabilities using machine leaning, all stakeholders including executives, business users, and data analysts can gain insights for smarter business decisions, and IT can deploy applications in minutes for faster innovation. Learn why Larry Ellison calls Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud "the most important thing we have done in a long time." See how it is revolutionizing data management and empowering line of business, DBAs, and data scientists, to do more with data.


Put Power in the Hands of the Business with Analytical Data Marts
Modern businesses recognize the value of being data-driven. As a result, they need to access and analyze more data with more users than ever before, without overburdening an already strained IT department. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, together with Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, delivers a unified platform that allows any user to easily connect and explore any data from anywhere, and use powerful analytical tools to transform it into meaningful insights that drive smarter decisions and actions. A modern autonomous data warehouse drives itself, protects itself, and requires little to no human intervention, which saves cost and reduces risk while increasing productivity.


Coffee Break


Next Big Thing: Chatbot, Digital assistant, Blockchain
The ability to innovate and extend services is driving business forward. Oracle innovation technologies is providing a platform for customers to become more competitive in the markets in which they operate, this session will look at how innovation delivered by oracle can change a customer’s landscape, open up new channels to customers and partners.


Real Time Predictive and Actionable Analytic Insights
Gain real time insights at the Speed of Thought with Analytics.  Speed has become the basis of competing effectively. People not only want fast food, fast trades, fast cars, but also fast profits, fast platforms, fast processes, and fast analytics. Moving fast is the essence of business transformation. Faster, equals market advantage—slower, is falling behind—but speed without quality can be disastrous.  With Oracle Analytics Cloud, self- service analytics drives business agility for faster time to insights, augmented analytics with machine learning enables smarter decisions, and next generation analytics meets all your business needs. This session will provide an overview of Oracle Analytics Cloud and customer benefits.


















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